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My love for photography was born from travel, a need to expand, explore the world and break free.  At 31 I had followed a steady path, further education, university, a good job, nice home, reliable car. I was living for my weekends, looking for more and when the opportunity came to travel I took it!

Leaving my beloved saxophone behind was going to be hard, how would I cope without playing, without jazz? My plan when I landed in Katmandu was to pickup an entry level DSLR, pop in a card and shoot! Eureka, I had a creative vent and never could I have imagined that ten years later I would have my very own photography business.

Like forming a fine note on a musical instrument, picking up a camera, crafting a fine photograph, pressing stop on life and having the ability to create a memory for people like you continues to  draw me closer to the beautiful moments life is all about.

Like playing your favourite Sunday morning tunes over breakfast with loved ones, owning a photograph, an album or a piece of wall art is a beautiful pleasure. Home is where our hearts reside so fill your home with beautiful sound, photographs, art and feel the love!



When Tim Peake was interviewed after almost six months in space, when asked what he missed the most apart from the obvious his answer was ‘the rain’.  Let’s discuss what you miss, where you like to spend time, what is the weather like, where is the sun, what’s special about it for you.

I have always been a social type, as an only child I remember how important it was to make friends, make people feel relaxed, happy, content.  As a musician I learned to perform, express myself, even deal with long hours and late nights.  As a photographer I can truly be myself, it’s natural for me.  Looking for light, shapes, colours and moments is what you can expect from me.

At the end of the day as your photographer it’s my pleasure to listen, advise and create beautiful photographs for albums, wall art for your home and physical memories for you all to enjoy and cherish.

My dedication to your needs feeds my passion for delivering a professional, friendly and informed service, so pick up the phone, drop me a line or send me your favourite photograph and let’s begin our journey together.




Cath & Andy

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