After spending a frantic couple of hours capturing guests as they arrived for a Bollywood style ball recently, I was invited to take a break by hotel management and enjoy a selection of fine food on offer. Having lived in Asia for months back when I travelled I jumped at the chance to sit down and inhale some fabulous curry. The bar was quiet when I noticed a group of American’s enter, I felt sorry for them as they had clearly just arrived and just wanted a bite eat and a drink or two. The staff were rushed off their feet with the function… what a welcome to the UK I thought.

‘Excuse me’ I said from behind my sumptuous feast… ‘have you just arrived?’ Yes they said, we’re here in England in memory of our late mother, she lived here for a while… We’re travelling South tomorrow then back to Yorkshire before we fly home in a couple of weeks. The weather was typically Yorkshire that evening, overcast, muggy with squally showers. It wasn’t forecast to rain, rain was imminent as the Bollywood guests had discovered during their arrival.

To cut a long story short I offered to photograph them, make them feel special… as a welcome to England, to Yorkshire, to my home county and to gift them images with their children their grandmother would have loved to see. A wonderful opportunity taken and enjoyed by all. My new friends contacted me on their return home to say… ‘John, thank you so much for treating us like royalty! I did receive the beautiful pictures and am so appreciative of your effort – you teased out beautiful smiles on all of us!’.

What gem stones do you have waiting for me to gently uncover?

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