One of my greatest passions is life is Mountain Biking. Mud, sweat and tears… fast flowing descents, tough meditative climbs, new routes, old gems and all with fabulous non competitive company and usually a great pint at the end! Life is in full flow when I’m up and around the hills of Calderdale. I love to record my rides on Strava however it’s the endless supply of imagery which awaits and holds my attention at every turn. My iPhone is a must in my backpack for those moments when I just feel a photograph is justified, my friends are used to it, I’m known for it!

My top tips for carrying a phone safely would include… make sure it’s fully charged and keep the phone warm on your body if possible, buy a cheap waterproof case, consider gloves which allow you to swipe the screen and access your camera. Make sure you have a ziplock/freezer bag for those really wet days. Almost every ride I snap away, it’s part of the day and great to tag the memory against a Strava route, send to friends and show my two beautiful ladies at home the details of my adventure.

My featured image was taken facing the descent to Gaddings Dam above Todmorden having climbed out of Hedben to Stoodley Pike and across what is known locally as ‘the rock garden’. Try it, it’s an awesome route with plenty of beautiful views all year round… Happy snapping!

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